Apr 17, 2015

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Angie Stone - "Brotha"

What started out as admiration for Angie Stone's ability to carry an afro with grace and ease quickly returned to my appreciation for her work.

REGAL: Angie Stone.
When Mahogany Soul first dropped, I was impressed with "I Don't Miss You Anymore" because of her use of the sample from the O'Jay's.  She made it her own in a way that allowed me to enjoy both songs.  That doesn't happen often for me.

Regardless of the size of her afro, Angie Stone's look is always very regal to me.  Her hair truly fits her as a crown would.  I think that is one of the most fascinating things about the natural texture of our hair.  When it is healthy and well-taken care of, it grows to fit us exactly as it should.  While we admire the beauty of other's hair, once we understand our own hair, we often become our own hair crush.

REGAL: Angie Stone.
Travelling back through Mahogany Soul I landed on "Brotha" and was reminded of a beautiful tribute to the men we love.  Not just in words and music, but the video is a lovely reminder of the diverse talents, gifts and undeniable love of black men.  Angie perfectly states the love I have for them.

The video also shows our men with hair as different as their personalities and accomplishments.  We see everything from afros and locs to braids and the neatest fades.  Watching them float by the screen was a beautiful balance of the images we share of ourselves in this community. Watch and see.

Tell us: who was your favorite "Brotha" featured in the video?
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