Apr 20, 2015

GLIMPSE: Melissa speaks at the Wild & Wonderful Natural Hair Affair

I've been MIA for minute, but it was for a good reason. I've been spreading the news of Natural Hair across the nations. Well not the 'nations', but outside of Nashville. I was asked to be the keynote speaker at the Wild & Wonderful Natural Hair Affair in Charleston, West Virgina! I know, right?!? I was so excited to speak at this wonderful event. Can you believe this was the FIRST natural hair event held in the ENTIRE state of West Virginia? The message and motivation of natural hair is an important one - I was so happy to be the first speaker for this state. 

Below, I'll share some photos from the event: 

Over 200 ladies attended the event held at the University of Charleston


I arrived at the University of Charleston on the morning of the event hosted by the ladies of the Wild & Wonderful Natural Hair Affair (WWNHA). WWNHA started as a Facebook group and resource guide for ladies living in West Virginia who have natural hair. 'Wild & Wonderful' is actually the slogan for the beautiful state of West Virginia, so it is a fitting name for a natural hair group. Natural hair is as wild as it is wonderful! 

The event started with natural hair demos and tutorials
There were vendor tables too! This vendor has 20 years in the natural hair business!

There was a product swap station as well!

The event worked well to encompass everything a natural hair wearer would need. There were vendors, haircare demonstrations, tasty treats, and a panel discussion with several haircare leaders from the West Virginia. Being that this was the first natural hair event EVER in West Virginia, the WWNHA team went out of their way to bring the best of any meet-up to the attendees.
Look at me, I'm really into talking about hair-types.
I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the inaugural event. That's a big job! So when asked to represent natural hair and NASHVILLE, I had to figure out what's most important to the natural hair community. We always want to know:
And I talked about all those things. But most important, I talked about self esteem. Armed with every factoid, meme, product, and certified stylist, the most important thing you need is positive self-esteem. Going natural is a process and it takes a ton of confidence. Our appearance is very important! When you make a  major change, that most disagree with, it can become disheartening. That's why hearing messages about confidence and self-esteem building is important.

After my presentation, I received a standing ovation. I represented Nashville quite nicely. Of course, I rocking my braids now. Many people asked me to do a tutorial for this style. I'm gonna do one  . . . I might be starting a YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

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