Apr 9, 2015

DISCUSSION: The New Beauty Curators

A few weeks ago when the world was buzzing about Giuliana Rancic's comments on Zendaya Coleman's hair, it stirred up something that I've thought about for some time.  When we consider "beauty standards" and the ones who set them, we may not appreciate their presentation, but quite often those who are marginalized are also their inspiration.

The times we live in now are so different because our communities have expanded into cyberspace. We're coming to a place where Social Media is just as powerful as what we've always referred to as "the media".  That is one of the reasons why Rancic's apology came so fast.  EVERYONE was talking about it.  And they could tell her all about it.  The social media exchange can really be powerful if the intention and will is present.

SELFIE: Melissa celebrates her first event with The Blogger Girls and the beginning of Fashion Week.

We live in a world now where we see just as many images online as we see on tv, allowing more opportunity for all people to see themselves in others.  As we've gathered in the natural hair community because we see hair styles and types that match our own, our idea of beauty is vastly different now. We see the variety.  We see ourselves.

SELFIE: Jomilla's selfie's are always gorge. A lovely example for her daughter.

I think the most powerful example of this is the "selfie".  Everytime I see a little girl take a picture of herself with a confident pose I think, "she get it from her momma".  And that is beautiful.  We know that they've seen their mother, sister or aunt do the same with confidence to share with the world. And they learn to do the same.

SELFIE: Ashiya's Big Chop selfie.  Documenting the beginning.

A recent article cited a study that looked at a connection between "selfies" and narcissism, which I found interesting. At the end of it I was not convinced because I thought of the power we have to create and document our lives in a way that is creating new curators for the standard of beauty.

Snap on.

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