Mar 20, 2015

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Jill Scott - "You Don't Know"

Miss Jill Scott gave us a new music video this week and it is perfect for a rainy Friday morning.

Jill reached down deep for this one from the beginning.  Her vibe and the music on "You Don't Know" is truly a soulful moment.  She went into that space where Aretha lives.  And she brought the look to match.  From the drink to the hair and make up, Jill is delivers her new single as only she can. Part songstress, part actress, but still somehow all Jill, this video feels part of a larger story.

Freedom and Afro perfection from Jill Scott

Jill's performance is so powerful that everything else seems to fade into the background.  Like all women, Jill Scott has transformed many times over the years.  Each transformation seemed to slip seamlessly into the next making it look effortless.  Her changes were so graceful and authentic, it is hard not to appreciate.

Jill Scott is Golden with a TWA.
It is also easy to appreciate her growth as an actress over the years.  New music from Jill Scott is always a good thing, but to satisfy her fans with new acting ventures in between is a true testament to her talent.  Again, new music from Jill Scott is always a good thing, so this surprise release was a treat.

Earlier days when Jill rocked twists.
Tell me: what is your favorite look from Jill Scott?  I can't decide on one.  What I love most is her ability to own them all.

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