Mar 24, 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Samson's Secret Hair Growth Supplements

One the biggest deterrents in cutting my locs was regrowing them.  I feel like I've paid my dues once and I wasn't really sure I could be as patient as I was the first time around.

Changes in my diet and self-care routine are sure to help my hair grow back faster than they did 12 years ago, but when Melissa shared Samson's Secret with me, I was definitely intrigued.

Knowing me, the first thing Melissa shared was, "it is an all natural supplement, there are no harmful ingredients in Samson's Secret."

Samson's Secret: Vegetable Capsules + Liquid Form

I checked out the label and found nettle leaf, sage leaf and rosemary leaf, all of which I know very well.  With that all natural ingredients like that, I was in.

Much of the growth I've experienced while free forming my locs occurred during my first two months of taking the supplement.  I can definitely say it has added to the fullness of my hair.  I'm accustomed to my hair growing fast through my loc experience, but the growth I'm seeing now is much more dense.  I am sure a bit of that has to do with my decision to free form, but I have no complaints about the way my hair has grown since I've started the supplements.

Samson's Secret comes in two forms.  The vegetable capsules are easy to down with plenty of water, but the liquid version was easier to handle than the capsules for me.  I add it to water and over time, it has actually become an acquired taste.  If I forget to take it during the day my taste buds will remind me at some point.

New growth for a new phase of life.
In addition to the hair growth, I have experienced something I usually only see when I'm detoxing: skin clarity.  While I appreciate anything that helps to clear my skin, I returned to label and laughed at my surprise. That is the benefit of dealing with natural ingredients:  they function according to their purpose in nature regardless of our intention.  It also says a lot about the knowledge base that created Samson's Secret.  The product was designed to remove toxins, allowing the body to work more efficiently resulting in hair growth.

We really are fans of Samson's Secret here at Natural In Nashville so stay connected for more of my experience regrowing my locs.  For now, you can read more on my hair growth here and find out about Melissa's experience with Samson's Secret here.

DISCLAIMER: The Natural in Nashville team was given complimentary product. All views are my own. I was not paid to give a positive review of the product.

Got questions?  Read more from Samson's Secret FAQs.
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