Feb 13, 2015

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Erykah Badu - "Cleva"

Valentine's Day is upon us and thought of love and being in love are front and center.  One of my favorite thoughts on love came from Dick Gregory:
"To be loved, be lovable."
A simple, yet real truth.  The easiest way to begin with self-love.  When we take the time to offer ourselves the love that we wish to experience, it will attract more like it in every area of our life.

The power and presence that is created through self-love is real.  In thinking of a song to celebrate that love and its ability to create more, Erykah Badu comes to mind:
"Alright with me.  Said I'm alright with me." 
She captured the journey to self-love perfectly. 2000 was a great year in music, as with Vodoo from D'Angelo turns 15, so does Mama's Gun.  Still my favorite work from Erykah Badu, Mama's Gun is beautiful expression of love and acceptance.  It is one of those albums that is just real and easy to relate to.

"...wrap your hair with this material." -Erykah Badu

"What was your favorite song from Mama's Gun?" seems like a cruel question for this album.  It flows together so well, dividing it seems wrong. I think it is a perfect day to bump it to the top of the playlist. Valentine's Day is a great day to be love. Enjoy!

Melissa shared an idea for spreading Valentine's Day love beginning with yourself earlier this week. Read about it here.

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