Feb 9, 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Samson's Secret Hair Growth Supplements

I wanna be mad because Samson's Secret hair growth system has made me have to remove a weave installation months earlier than expected, a braid installation weeks earlier than expected, and is the cause of my hair getting to fro status faster than I'd ever imagined. I wanna be mad, but NAH! I'm happy as happy I can be. I'm not saying this is a miracle potion, but it's pretty close. Let me tell you about Samson's Secre

Samson's Secret is a hair growth SYSTEM that works at stimulating hair growth topically (drops) and internally (capsules). Made from 100% natural ingredients, you take two capsules a day and add three drops of the liquid to whatever drink you'd like. The pills are small and easy to swallow. The liquid is tasteless and can be used topically; massaging it into areas of concern on you scalp.

This product has been around for more 20 years, being used in hair salons. Now, the company is poised to take over the hair world. The difference between Samson's Secret and other hair growth supplements is that Samson's Secret targets the blood stream and the removal of toxins. By doing this, it supports the flourishing of hair follicles, promote hair growth, and stimulates the nervous system to aid in stress reduction. 

Shaved my hair November, 2013

I've tried many hair growth supplements but THIS ONE, this one, is the one I'm putting my name behind. After recovering from my Fibroid Removal Surgery, I was ready to grow my hair back. My body was recovering, my diet was much more healthy and my workout was consistent. This product has changed my thoughts about hair growth supplements and how they can help your hair and your body. Here's a bit of info on hair growth supplements:
"First, it’s important that you realized that hair growth is not determined by just one factor. Hair growth is the combined result of a variety of attributes such as genetics, age, diet, hormones, environment and hair regimen. If you are only addressing one of these factors, it does not guarantee that you are doing enough to combat or overcome the factors that affect how fast your hair grows or how strong it is. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to change some of these factors, such as genetics, so your best bet is to ensure that you are addressing all of the factors you do have control over, specifically diet and hair regimen." (source)
Reading this, the FAQ's on the Samson's Secret website, and talking with the Samson's Secret owners, I knew this supplement would work for me. The team is so very supportive and willing to answer all your questions. Unlike other supplements companies, you aren't left wondering IF it will work, you can talk to the on staff Hair Treatment Specialist,  Jacqueline Rozier, every TUESDAY on her podcast - CLICK HERE. Really, what company will allow you to talk with them and ask any question you'd like.

1.5 Months of growth
So, let's talk ACTUAL effects. My hair is GROWING. It's growing faster than it ever has grown. My struggling edges are even growing. My hair is 4b/4c and tends to grow quite slowly - with Samson's Secret it grows quickly. On top of that, my hair appears and feels much more thick - fuller! This stuff is amazing!

The pills are small and are easy to swallow. I haven't experienced hair growth in any other parts of my body - which is a huge complaint by many who take hair growth supplements. In addition, the physical benefits of Samson's Secret are quite evident in my life. My arthritis pain is even going away. WHEW! This stuff is amazing!
December, 2 months in, sides growing in nicely!

So, if you've made it to the end of this post, I can only think you want to join in the Samson's Secret party! Make sure to join in on the conversation, Tuesday, 8p/7p central, Jaqueline will be available to answer ALL your questions - and I'll be on the line too! Can't wait to hear from you!

DISCLAIMER: The Natural in Nashville team was given complimentary product. All views are my own. I was not paid to give a positive review of the product.

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