Feb 5, 2015

Jomilla's Hair Diary: Stuck Between a Wig and a Braidout

Fresh crotchet braids in New York...see how happy I am?

I recently had some crotchet braids that I had to take out prematurely. I got them installed right before New Years and they lasted me about three weeks before they took a turn for the worst. I can’t blame anyone but myself because they actually looked good up until last week when I decided I wanted a change and washed and combed them out. Me and my darn indecisiveness. The hair I used for my crotchet braids was Cuban Twist Hair. I curled it with medium sized perm rods before getting it installed and it looked nice, full and natural. I went to New York with some friends on New Years day and while I was down there I was getting countless compliments. People back home and my Instagram followers all went crazy over it when I posted pictures. They all thought it was my real hair!

I wish this was all mine!
But unfortunately all that beautiful hair is gone now. I'm guilty of overbrushing. I brushed so much hair out that I had big spots in my head where you could see the braids peaking out underneath. Not good!

So after coming to grips that it was time to let go I washed, deep conditioned and twisted my hair in big sections like I usually do. I noticed that in that short time of being up my hair had grown! But only in the front. *side-eye* For some reason my bangs are getting longer and longer while the back of my head just stays the same length. I really don't understand. Especially because I manipulate the front more often than the back.
No bangs all in my face I don't need to see today -_-

As a new natural I often get urges for long, silky hair again....Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian. *starts daydreaming* But I refuse to get a sew in and go back to my old routine! I really want to continue my wash regimen and deep conditioning every week because you know what they say "consistency is key." Thank God for wigs! I really want straight hair for my birthday next month and since I agreed to do the 6-month no heat challenge I decided I’ll get a wig similar to the texture of my hair. Of course I will give you the details of the wig when I get it but until then I will be letting my hair breathe and rocking my usual twists outs.

Curls on fleek! Haha

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