Jan 16, 2015

Roots & Rhythm: "I Learned From The Best" - Whitney Houston

This weekend, Lifetime and Angela Bassett will give us the Whitney Houston story. Lifetime Movie Network hasn't been too trustworthy when it comes to biopics (The Aaliyah movie) but they've scored some hits (The TLC Movie) - so, many people are tuning in to see if it's either a trainwreck or a triumph. I'm hoping for the latter.

When director and close friend of Whitney, Angela Bassett, casted Yaya DaCosta as the lead for the movie, the judegments continued. But the gorgeous model appears to hold her own in previews of the movie. Yaya burst on the scene in the glory days of America's Next Top Model. She was one of the first models to rock her natural hair and natural flaws on the show. She perservered, making it to the Top three and going on to have a nice career in movies.

Today's video, "I Learned From The Best" is one of my favorite Whitney Houston songs. Plus, the visuals added an extra dimension to the song. Whitney is filmed, reality show style, singing her song and rocking the most amazing afro. Staring straight in to the camera, peering through the audience and into her lover's heart, Whitney takes back the hurt and turns it into strength. 

I hope this weekend, her movie will do the same. We know all about Whitney's troubles and triumphs. But I hope that Angela crafts Whitney's story into a tale of deliverance. Until then, we have her music, the thing she was BEST at.

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