Jan 19, 2015

Meet our new writer - JOMILLA

"This is not my first year being natural but it is my first year rocking it and I'm excited to share it with NIN every step of the way"

This has been a long time coming - at least six months, but we finally found a new writer. When I knew that Amber was moving to Georgia, I knew we needed to fill her spot. I received plenty of submissions, but the person I selected has exceeded my expectations. Ok, NIN readers, meet . . . JOMILLA!

Jomilla is an MTSU Grad, newlywed, new mom, and experienced writer. She's written for many local papers and edited at MTSU. Personally, I've known Jomilla since she was in high school, but I never knew she had this gorgeous head of natural hair and grand writing experience. She's also a new mom of a gorgeous little girl, so she'll have some mommy advice to share as well. I'm so happy she's agreed to share her natural hair experience with us.

As stated above, Jomilla's not newly natural, but this is the first time she's embraced the natural hair lifestyle. Often, when you wear wigs and weaves, your real hair kinda becomes a memory. It's important to let your real hair breath and play around with it. You can't have perfect hair every day, but you can have healthy hair all the time if you learn to take care of it.

I'm excited to see Jomilla's hair grow and her experience being shared with you. This year Natural in Nashville hopes to be the source of natural hair inspiration - in Nashville and beyond. Join me in welcoming Jomilla to our team! Say "Hi!" to her in the comments section!

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