Jan 28, 2015

LINK LOVE: Bustle tells us how to prep & protect our hair for Winter

The folks over at Bustle published a GREAT article about protecting your precious strands during this cold winter season. If you hadn't noticed, Tennessee is experiencing some crazy winter weather. One day it's 60 degrees, the next day it's 25 degrees. These temperature fluctuations can leave your hair and scalp feeling dry, itchy, and stressed. What can you do to combat these symptoms and make sure your hair is looking luxe in the spring? See several of Bustle's recommendations below:

 - Double Up on the Conditioner - Most naturals already use a deep conditioner or a leave in treatment, but you may need to use both during the winter, especially those living up North. If you are afraid of buildup, my trick is deep conditioner first, then shampoo, then leave in. I get the benefits of a deep condish, my scalp is cleaned, and the leave in can do its work on clean hair.

 - Guard from Hat Damage - Hats can be a girls best friends, but knit caps are natural hair’s worst enemy. The cotton or wool caps will draw all that hard earned moisture out of hair and some even create tangles, which is a tragic. The key is a thin silk cap between your hair and the hat. Pick a cute hat option, or a silk head wrap, so you can wear it all day.

CLICK HERE to view more winter protection tips Tell us how you protect your hair during the winter season?
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