Dec 5, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: Maze featuring Frankie Beverly - "We Are One"

"One good thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain." Bob Marley

Our world is moving fast and hard right now and it won't slow down.  We can see and feel mass change.  And because the underlying need for this change is violence, our lives have become much more fragile and precious.  If I could share one thing, it would be to guard your Spirit as you navigate the world.  It is okay to retreat and get centered then return to the causes that move you.

Andre Leon Talley + Iman in 1983.  Everything.
The way we handle this world as individuals is what determines our collective wellness.  Laws can be written and amended, but only changes in hearts and belief patterns will bring the lasting change we hope to see.

1983: Thriller was out and Michael was King.
Music is a healing balm, which is one of the reasons why I love sharing Roots & Rhythm.  The sounds penetrate us on a cellular level, the lyrics unite us around our emotions and dancing gives us a chance to release all of that energy from our body.  That might be a bit much for some, but our love and connection to music is a nod to its healing power.

1983: Vanessa Williams was Miss America.  And then she wasn't.

So each Friday I hope to spark a smile, a memory, a laugh or something that reminds you of the goodness in life and the beauty of our culture.

This is one of my absolute favorite songs.  Top 5 favorite.  And it seems to be a good time to share.

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly released "We Are One" in 1983, so I hope the look back made you smile.

Take care of yourself and each other!

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