Dec 18, 2014

Finding Natural Haircare lines in NASHVILLE - Kim's

I was at the local hair-store in Nashville, KIM'S HAIR PLUS. Like most Asian-owned hair supply stores, Kim's has the monopoly on the game. There's a Kim's Hair Plus in the most popular areas of town, north Nashville on Jefferson St, Antioch on Bell Rd, and South Nashville on Nolensville Rd. Kim's works hard at making sure you get all your hair supplies from one location. 

Never the spot that boasts support for the natural hair community; the folks at Kim's know times are a-changing! Most hair -stores are all about that RELAXER life. But even the best hair supply store should have seem the trend of #TeamNatural taking over. Even if you aren't about the non-relaxer life, more people are looking for natural products in their products. 

On my last visit Kim's showcased more than enough of our favorite hair brands and a couple unknowns. Take a look below - Kim's has stepped their game all the way up! Take a look at what I found at the Bell Road location:

What made me start taking pics (like a natural hair spy on enemy lines) was seeing all these Shea Moisture products. Of course, at the hair store you won't get those BOGO deals like you get at CVS and Walgreens, but if you run out of your fave product between sales you can hit up Kim's. 

Oh, and to everyone who can't find Jamaican Black Castor oil - Kim's has SEVERAL brands. I purchased the Tropic Island Living brand with the coconut oil mixed in. Good deal and I didn't have to wait for shipping from ebay! Score! 

The often controversial, yet highly successful, MIXED CHICKS line has an entire end-cap dedicated to the brand. I've never used the product, but I've heard some good things. Nice to see it got shelf space at the local spot. 

Never heard of this line but it seems legit, 3 SISTERS OF NATURE caught my eye. For those who love sulfate-free shampoos, they have an affordable product. Might need to give it a try. 

DiFEEL ORGANICS Moroccan Argan Oil system is a very new line from a veteran company, Sunflower Cosmetics. According to their website, the company has been around for 20 years. Hmm … look at Kim's try to introduce us to new stuff. 

I was introduced to Dr. Miracle's CURL CARE line when I used to have a CurlBox subscription. I love the blow dry mousse. Kim's carried the entire line! 

Got locs? Then I know you are familiar with the Jamaican Mango & Lime line. I don't think I've seen this many JM&L Products in one spot! Don't complain if your locs ain't shining, when you can hop to Kim's to get your situation straight. 

I've seen this line floating around the social media sites but I've never tried it. Aunt Jackie's is supposed to be the more affordable competition to Miss Jessie's. Let me know if you try it!

One of the most popular natural Haircare lines, Talliah Waajid, had a whole shelf! After my covert picture taking, the staff was getting a lil suspect. I had to stop. But I assure your there were at least three more natural care lines available. 

It's nice to know that Nashville has another place to go to try new products. 

Have you visited your local hair store lately? 

The post was not sponsored. I was really sneaking around taking photos with my iphone! LOL!
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