Nov 14, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Willow Smith - "Female Energy"

Willow Smith

At just 14 years old, it is obvious that Willow Smith is owning her space in this world.

Having parents that work as artists and entertainers is the perfect environment for any talent to be nurtured and developed and Willow is taking full advantage.

She's already established her own style, created a hair anthem and worked as both a singer and an actress.  Her level of maturity has been the topic of public discussion on more than one occasion and the songs she shared as 'Wilough' on SoundCloud are sure to add to it.

Sculpted Braids.

The sound, lyrics and delivery, are delivered with the energy of someone who is older than her age.  But considering how much she's experienced in her short life, her teenage perspective should be well-rounded.

Baby Willow.

Young Willow has set the stage for a strong artistic career.  Her evolution as a woman and an artist will be interesting to see.

Check out "Female Energy" and let us know what you think!

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