Nov 5, 2014

Amber's Hair Diary: Curry & The Doux

It's not really much of a secret but this is my official announcement.  I have accepted a position with The Doux Salon Macon and will be relocating to Macon, Georgia to continue my growth as a stylist.

The decision wasn't hard but it wasnt easy either. My heart will always be with Nashville, but I also don't want to look back 10 years from now and think "what if?"

My love affair with The Doux begin almost 5 years ago now when I read an article about the owner of the salon in Essence or  Ebony Magazine (I don't remember which). At that point in time being a hairstylist was the furthest thing from my mind.

This is the initial image that I remember seeing.  This is The Honeycomb which is located in Germay. I remember reading the article and just thinking I want to get my hair done in a salon like that, and why does it have to be in Germany.  Her salon also turned me on the Tabitha Bianca Brown of The Pairabirds which is one of my favorite artists/ graphic designers.  I have the same three afro queen photos pictured above.

From that moment on I began silently stalking all things Doux.  From the haircare line to the salon, I loved everything that this brand represents.  It is fresh, youthful, vibrant, outspoken, ahead of the trend and then some.  A year ago or so I sent her my resume not realizing that she was planning on opening her flagship U.S. location.  About a month ago I interviewed over the phone with her and so it all began. I had begun sowing these seeds along time ago without even realzing, and now they are preparing to grow and bloom and I am preparing along with.

Maya has found the perfect balance of mixing culture, with style, and music, and she demanded the attention of those around her.  She never minced words and made it so very clear that The Doux is about recapturing uniqueness and cherishing individuality. She is also clear about providing stellar customer service.  She makes no fuss about hair because it is just hair.  There are no "holier than thou" natural hair speeches, no hate for those who choose to rock it straight. Just mad skills and the result is healthy beautiful hair no matter the texture.

I don't have the time for small minds or those who can't see or understand my vision. I am tired of being the token. Take it for what it is, but its the truth. Being older than most girls who go through cosmetology school and because this is a second career for me I am very clear on what I am willing to accept from others in this industry.  I have also learned from past expereiences to trust my gut.

Maya is visionary and I know she will help to push me outside of my comfort zone to cultivate my craft and art. I am so humbled and honored to be working as a part of her team. She was also an Aveda educator so I know she knows what I know, and how important the service and skill piece is for me. So while I am sad to leave Nashville I am eager to begin the next step of my adventures in hair. However my plan is to still contribute to the blog as a stylist.

The Salon's Grand Opening is Friday, November 7th at 6pm.  If you have friends and family in the Atlanta and Macon area please let them know about me and the salon.  The event is free and they can RSVP here to attend.

More than anything I want to thank the Nashville community for your overwhelming support since I have begun this journey.  I  have met so many amazing women and men who have believed in me and my vision and supported me wholeheartedly. So for those who have sat in my chair, referred me clients and beyond THANK YOU is just not enough.  But just know that it was not taken for granted and I will continute to grow as a stylist and to be bold in this wonderful world of hair.

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