Oct 2, 2014

Self-Care: 3 Thoughts on Water and Wellness

As the cooler weather starts to set in, it might feel natural to decrease water intake, but our body would give us so much love if we didn't.  Proper hydration is a basic cellular need and improves the function of the body in every way.  Warmer weather may make us crave more water, but colder weather requires just as much.

The best defense against the dry hair and skin that can accompany fall and winter is internal. Protective styles and deep conditioning treatments certainly have their place, but both the amount and type of water we take in are important to the overall beauty regimen.  

Here are a few things I've learned to consider when it comes to water intake:

Water Source - I've purchased all kinds of water from smart to alkaline and have finally settled on spring water as my main source. I'm not sure what can be better than water that flows naturally from the earth. Many privately owned companies protect and bottle water from natural springs.  Search for companies local to your area.  My current favorite is Callaway Blue, which I find at Publix and some convenience stores here in Nashville, although it is bottled in Georgia.  

Keep It Moving - I always try to remind myself that proper water intake is also the best way to flush toxins from my system daily.  Water serves the digestive system as well as the lymphatic system as lymph fluid removes waste on a cellular level. When the body has less waste to deal with, more healing and maintenance can occur.

Clarity + Focus - The brain needs water to respond properly and timely to our requests.  If we are not properly hydrated the body might answer with lack of focus, headaches, body aches or hunger.  When those signs show up they feel distracting, but we can also see them as a message from our body to focus on what we need.  Water is usually a good place to start.

Cheers to health AND beauty!

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