Oct 31, 2014

Roots + Rhythm: Stevie Wonder - "Superstition"

Here's the thing about Halloween: for most people who enjoy the day, the reason why never really changes from childhood.  To me, its all about (candy, of course) creativity.  I don't really remember any of the store bought costumes from my youngest years, but I do remember spending hours thinking of what I could create with what was in front of me as I got older.

Miss Charmsie's Zebra DIY.

And for most adults, that does not change.  For themselves and for their children, adult Halloween fun is most often about the costume creativity.  For people who love to express themselves through their clothing and accessories, Halloween is a time to express the fullness of their imagination.  Just as we did when we were children.

Miss Charmsie as Michael Jackson
We've seen some pretty impressive costumes from some our favorite bloggers over the years, but Miss Charmsie really did it for me this year.  Her YouTube channel is full of DIY tutorials all year long, but her Halloween tutorials are a perfect example of the creativity I love.

I loved her take on Cruella Deville, but her recreation of Beyonce's promotional art for The Mrs. Carter Tour is amazing.  From hair and makeup detail to recreating the outfit, I love seeing the creation process.  I'm pretty sure you can make anything beautiful with a hot glue gun and crystals.  And I love people who understand that.

Miss Charmsie as Mrs. Carter
So, how creative are you if you dress up for Halloween?  Do you go all in?  We'd love to see your costumes this year!  Don't forget to use #NaturalInNash to share!

Whether you celebrate or not, here's to recapturing the imagination and joy of youth! And to a sweet interview and jam session with Stevie Wonder on 'Superstition" from Soul Train 1973. (Performance at 3:25)

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