Oct 10, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Jay-Z - Change Clothes

I love Naomi Campbell.  Her beauty combined with her energy work for me.  We've all seen her shadow side, just as we have many people in entertainment, but I do love the way she is settling into who she is now.

Fro Friday Love for Naomi Campbell.

During my last marathon of interviews with "The Breakfast Club" I had to watch to see what they discussed with Naomi Campbell.  If you know Charlamagne Tha God, then you've probably learned not to be shocked by anything he says.  Yet I was still blown when he asked Naomi about the pictures of her swimming, revealing her "edges" or lack thereof.  But with elegance and grace, she kept it moving.

On that day, Naomi was rocking an afro, one of my favorite looks on her ever.  I cannot imagine how much stress and damage her hair has suffered over the years.  Even with the best stylists in world available to you, I'm sure she had to work hard to keep the line between styled and healthy hair.  This is a struggle we all know.

Naomi Campbell:  Fro Friday Love
During the conversation, she also spoke about her love for Jay Z and how grateful she was for asking him to be in his video for "Change Clothes", one of my favorites from Jay Z.

With Fall firmly in place,  its a perfect vibe.  Its time to change clothes! Have you connected with Melissa at FabGlance, yet?  She's sharing all types of fall goodness from transitions to defining your personal style.  Jam with us and check out Melissa's tips here.

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