Oct 24, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: Beyonce - "Get Me Bodied (Extended Version)"

Every time I see a picture of Beyonce's new hair cut, I instantly hear "Get Me Bodied" in my head.
"I ain't worried, doing me tonight."
The style created a love it or hate it reaction even though she's worn bangs of various lengths in the past.  A few stylists even warned against women trying it because it could go very wrong for them.  Despite our opinion of Beyonce's latest style, we really see that level of authenticity often.

Protective styles have always given us the opportunity to explore and have fun while giving our natural hair a much needed rest.  Amber got creative with a custom color for a client recently that met filled her request.
Custom color and style by Amber.
Amber and Melissa have connected before and used color, texture and braids for styles that had details authentic to Melissa, making the style unique to her.  For Fall, she's wearing her hair straight causing you to forget her last style included shaved sides.

Melissa's Fall Style.  More here.

Candace went with Marley twists to protect her hair a while ago and had some fun of her own.  Adding a bit of color switched up her twists and she even channeled a bit of Janet while experimenting.

Candace in Marley Twists

 Go ahead.  Play!  Experiment! Enjoy your protective styles.  If it goes wrong, it really is just hair.  Take it out!

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