Oct 13, 2014

Ashiya's Hair Diary: Knots + Braids

I decided to revisit an old faithful to create curls now that my hair is much shorter.  I've tried bantu knots at different stages of growth and this is definitely the time for them.  It only took about ninety minutes to knot.  I didn't plan well enough for them to air dry, which showed in the final result.  Although time under the dryer feels like slow torture, next time I'll probably sit there to let them set initially and then finish air drying.

Simple knots for curls.

I'm going with curls and texture right now to help me stick to my current free form stint.  I'm still putting some time in between maintenance and the styles have really helped. I love that returning to something so simple can give new life to my hair and renew my energy and patience.  

My lack of enthusiasm about the results clearly showed in my not taking any pictures, but I am excited to try something new again this week.  It took me a while to get here, but I'm back.  The hesitation with styling was definitely all about the re-learning curve.  Its amazing all the subtle ways I'm still adjusting to this length again.
Hair Lust: If I still had the length....

I'm going to play around with braids next.  My goal is to create a 2-for-1 style that I can wear up for a few days before taking the braids down to avoid the dryer.  I've done it before with longer hair, but this length and angle make it a bit different for me. As long as I can get something similar to the pattern like this for more than three days, I'll consider it a win.  

Hair Lust: Textured Locs

And I promise pictures this time.  For better or for worse.

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