Sep 12, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: Lenny Kravtiz and Prince - "American Woman"

The countdown is on to the release of new work from Prince this fall.  Art Official Age will be released September 30 alongside Plectrumelectrum with his newest group 3RDEYEGIRL.

'Fro Friday Love: Prince.
When we thought we couldn't love Prince anymore, he gives us "Breakfast Can Wait" with humor and style.  The album cover honors Dave Chappelle's classic interpretation of Charlie Murphy's memories of Prince.  The video features another interesting interpretation of young Prince with some very nice choreography.  Even as you're entertained, you're still moving to classic Prince.

September 30
Top that off with cover art direction and photography by Shameless Maya, this album is what we love about Prince.  His personal evolution is always apparent in his work.  With each band or group he brings together, he's always honoring best of those coming up in music and art.

Prince is brilliant at allowing his talent to support others.  I saw this gem on YouTube a while ago and I love it because it shows just that.  Here he is on tour when he brings Lenny Kravitz out to perform "American Woman".

This is one of the best performances I've seen from both of them.  Lenny's vocals and Prince's guitar solo... Enjoy!

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