Sep 19, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Earth Wind and Fire - "September"

With Summer fading perfectly into Fall, I've been humming "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire for the past few days.  While we know and love them for beautiful horns and a wide range of vocal octaves, they are never short on style.

During the time they released "September" there were TWAs all around, but over the years they wore everything from full afros to locs.  Verdine White is most know for his pressed hair while Phillip Bailey eventually grew locs. Maurice White stayed true to the afro and now a closer cut through his illness.  Together these three anchored and guided the sound and (clearly) the style of Earth Wind and Fire.

Verdine White, Phillip Bailey and Maurice White.

Earth, Wind and Fire created a visual experience through their wardrobe as well.  The ornate detail and varying colors always seem to reflect their music beautifully.  Many of their live shows carried the futuristic energy of several artists during the time that inspired some of our favorites including Outkast and Janelle Monae.

For Earth wind and Fire, they managed to do it with an elegance that transcended the way they looked or dressed. With music and lyrics, their songs continue to speak to the heart and soul of those who love them.

Enjoy your September!
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