Sep 14, 2014

EXCLUSIVE 'Hustle & Fro' tees on sale now!

Last week, I posted an OOTD (outfit of the day) on our sister-site, Fab Glance, that featured this cute 'Hustle & Flow' t-shirt. Well, as soon as it hit the net, lot's of you inquired about it. Truthfully, I'd bought this shirt more than two years ago from a random vendor at one of the many festivals I attended. 

But I couldn't let y'all down. I went to TeeSpring and designed a Natural in Nashville version complete with the NIN logo on the back! SOOO fly! Now I wanna order one of these too!

So, if you are hustling . . . and you got a fro, make sure to order one of these fly shirts. As always, the shirt won't print unless we have 15 orders. So get to ordering, you have a limited time!

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