Aug 15, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Georgia Anne Muldrow - "Dimension"

This week we have another opportunity to pay homage to the 'Fro with a peek at Amber's playlist:  Georgia Anne Muldrow's "Dimension".

Lovely artwork of Georgia Anne Muldrow.
Instantly, Ms. Muldrow's energy reminds me of what we love about hair.  While technically, her her is "like" many people we know, it is Georgia Anne herself that is the beauty in her hair.  The way she carries herself and her expression through her style all make her hair that much more beautiful.

Georgia Anne Muldrow.
In "Dimension" she shares lyrics that are a powerful reflection of the images we see.  Though some of the images look softer than others, each one shares the same strong, dynamic energy.  Georgia Anne Muldrow's afro and vibe remind me of the afros of 60s and 70s.  Perhaps because this was the time it was most radical to wear the afro.

Georgia Anne Muldrow.
In that light, we can definitely see why "Dimension" and Ms. Muldrow made our girl Amber's list. Both revolutionary in thought, style and talent. these ladies would most certainly vibe.

Share a song that reflects your Roots & Rhythm so we can jam with you one Friday soon!  Thank you for your share, Amber!  Enjoy your Friday!
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