Jul 11, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: Your Roots. Your Rhythm.

Roots & Rhythm is one of my favorite features of Natural in Nashville. So much of our life is expressed in the music of what we can easily see similarities in ourselves and some of our favorite artists.  While some might argue that fans begin to emulate artists if they appreciate their music, I see something different.

It is obvious at times that some people assume the identity of others, but quite often we find the courage to be who we are when we see others stand in their authenticity.  It is natural to connect with those who are like us in some way regardless of celebrity.  Authentic similarities are a beautiful reminder that we are all the same in the ways that matter most in life.  We are all on a journey for love, peace and happiness.

               Kristel as featured on Black Girl Long Hair.

"What we play is life." - Louis Armstrong
I share music with the intent of the Natural in Nashville community being on one vibe, even if it is for three random minutes on Friday.  I usually post a song that touched me during the week or one that speaks to a shared cultural experience, but I often wonder about you.

Who is that artist that never leaves your playlist?  Let me know!   I want to groove with everybody.

I'll let Zhane say the rest!  Happy Friday!


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