Jul 31, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Janelle Monae - "Electric Lady"

We know its Thursday, but we could not wait to get to the root of this rhythm.

We got another taste of the "Electric Lady" yesterday when Janelle Monae released the video for the title track from her latest project.  Janelle is working the fresh college girl energy for sure.  While she has matured, she does not seem to age much.  Her afro is just as lovely as the perfect coifs she is famous for. And there's a band.  I'm in.

With cameos from "Electro Phi Beta Emeritus" T-Boz, Estelle, Esparanza Spalding, Monica and Kimbra the video comes alive with a house party I can relate to.  But where is Solange?  Her youthful energy would have been perfect for the video!  The scene is not short on people we know and love.  Who else did you spot in the crowd?

Seeing the video finally revealed to me why "Electric Lady" is my favorite song from this work.  To me, it is a battle cry.  A song for a new woman that is being born everyday.
"Don't let that circuit break you down.  We about to birth a whole new nation. A million Electric Ladies..."  - Janelle Monae

And most of the births begin with returning our hair to its natural state.  For some of us it takes more time, but eventually most women that remove chemicals from their hair begin to remove it from other areas of their life as well.  We take a greater concern in our health and wellness in mind, body and Spirit.  Its not something that is forced upon us. For so many of us the choice to grow our hair in its natural state was the equivalent of putting on a crown.  Over time the care that is offered to our hair becomes a ritual of self-care that becomes a lifestyle.

That is why Janelle Monae seems to shine each time we see her.  Her hair, her skin and the twinkle in her eye are all usually the result of a body well cared for.  A glam team is definitely part of her secret, but to love yourself and honor what your body needs to be at its best is all we really need.

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