Jul 8, 2014


One of the things I am very conscious of with my loc renewal is product build up.  I really do feel like I have a new set of locs and that allows me to do all the things "I wish I had known".  I've worked with flax seeds before and can easily see how the gel they produce could work to maintain locs without leaving a lot of build up behind.

Flax seeds via thehealthsite.com.

I used the tutorial by @Locrush as a guide after a quick exchange with her on Instagram about the process.  I made three batches before I finally had one I felt comfortable using on my hair.  When I considered the size of my locs and how much I would actually need to hold my locs in place, I felt like the first two batches were just too thick.  My remedy was to reduce the boiling time of the seeds and allowing it cool into a thinner gel.  It worked well and third time was a charm.


By creating a thinner gel, I'm hoping to reduce the chances of having any extra product left behind.  It seemed to work better than I thought because I wasn't looking for a really tight hold, I just wanted to create some control with some of the new growth.

For me, the most challenging part was straining the gel.  I used the same process demonstrated, I do think you're only as good as your tools in this step of the process.  I don't think the tongs I used were wide enough to really squeeze the gel and it didn't go as smoothly for me as in the video.  The seeds produced more than enough gel, I just couldn't squeeze it all out.  This is a process that definitely has to happen while the gel is warn as shared in the tutorial.

DIY Flaxseed Gel
I decided not to add any honey or oils until I nailed the right consistency for me, so I may explore the oils soon and pass on the honey.  DIY flaxseed gel is a win for me!
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