Jul 14, 2014

HAIR DIARY: Loc Renewal Happiness

I finally did it.  I brought my most recent free form stage to an end last week. I can't remember when this one started, but I'm quite sure it lasted about 7 months.  During the break from maintenance, I was consistent with washing and hot oil treatments which gave my roots new life.  I've even found a new love for maintaining my locs.  Cutting my locs was a hard decision, but one I'm glad I made with each passing day.

I'm very happy with the way my locs are coming in and the new strength of my roots.
(With Queen Afua)
The first stage I wanted to reach was more growth on the sides and the front and I got my wish.  I even have new locs forming.  With that said, if you see me out and my baby locs are doing weird things, you are obliged to tell me!

I've also realized that I cannot rule out another hair cut at some point.  Because of the amount of hair growing in, many of the smaller locs may need to be cut off over time to create balance.  I don't think I'll do any maintenance again for few months since this period of growth went so well.

After a lovely yoga practice with Queen Afua, you can see my new growth showing through.
(With Ona Hawk of Firehawk Yoga.)
This weekend I finally had the opportunity to meet two lovely women who understand my desire to free form and to cut my locs when it is right for me.  Ona Hawk, a fellow Kemetic Yoga Instructor, has beautifully free locs to match her lovely Spirit.  I've shared my appreciation for Queen Afua here before and by the time we met, she had done a big chop of her own!  It was a timely reminder that I am not so much attached to my hair, but my ability to express where I am and what I feel through my chosen style.

All in all, I do believe my loc renewal has been a success.  I'm excited to see how my locs form as they return to their original length.
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