Jul 20, 2014

DISCUSSION: Would you rock the Braided LACEFRONT WIG!

So, this picture floated across my timeline earlier today - you know black twitter exploded! Lol! Apparently, the braided lacefront wig is phenomena that not many knew about. Whoop, y'all late! 

Brandy been rocking lacefront braided wigs for a minute now! If you watch the "Put It Down" video she changed her hair style no less than four times. There's no way you can fit all those braids under all those different wigs. The braids … are a wig too! Lol, Hollywood Magic!

I'm not knocking the idea of a braided wig. People been rocking braided wigs since Ashford & Simpson days! However, I think it's the lace front and the baby-hairs that got people going crazy. It's pretty fly though! 

So, would you rock this wig? It's the ultimate protective style with a dash of trend thrown in. PLUS, you don't have to worry about pulled edges or lost time (8-12 hrs in a chair). Hmmm … I've almost convinced myself to get one! Lol! 

Wanna buy a lacefront braided wig? 
Check out www.wig-parlor.com

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