Jun 21, 2014

Candice's Hair Diary: New Things and a New Ring

So... I got Havana Twists. Or Marley Twists. Or Whatever-You-Want-To-Call-Thems.

My fellow writer (and soon-to-be licensed stylist) Amber, installed them. I must say... they are pretty awesome. Once I got used to the weight of the hair on my head and the new look, I was in love. I am still in love. I've got these long chunky twists and it's been fun having them for the past 2.5 weeks. If there is any complaint that I have, it's that I can't get them wet. Well, technically I can get them wet, but it would be a hassle to swim in them because there is so much extra hair on my head and adding water weight just doesn't sound practical.

It has also made me think about just how long DO I want my hair to grow? Marley hair definitely resembles my super kinky hair. And I can imagine keeping it twisted if it ever gets this long. Like.... what else would I do to it? I love seeing Naptural85 on youtube manage her super long hair. But my hair is a few levels higher on the kinky scale. Twist-outs would take FOREVER. EVERYTHING would take forever. It's just a guess, but anyone who has attempted to work with my hair will tell you that it is probably a great guess.

I'm enjoying the break from daily maintenance, but in true "Khani" fashion my hair has started to frizz before the Marley hair. The frizz adds a bit of charm, though. I thought about roughing the rest of the twists up a bit, but that seemed to be a strategy that would prove counterproductive. Anyway, I'm more comfortable with all of this hair now and I've been trying a variety of styles now. The half up-half down is my favorite style so far.

I finally stopped being afraid and was able to wrangle this hair into a bun!
So... that's all for hair. Also, I got promoted at my job (Yay!). I got new shoes on sale (Score!). And I got a ring, courtesy of my brand new FIANCE (sets off fireworks)! Once the planning gets underway I'll be sure to keep you all updated because... HOW WILL I WEAR MY HAIR IN MY WEDDING FOR THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME OH MY GOSH I'VE GOT SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT!!!

That's all for now. I'm officially open to advice from naturals who were natural when they jumped the broom. What was your wedding hair choice and how did it work out for you? Let's chat in the comment section.
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