Jun 13, 2014

A letter to Beyoncé, concerning Blue Ivy's hair

Hi Bey!

Can I call you Bey? Thanks! First up, I'd like to say that I am a true fan of your work. From Destiny's Child to the Beyoncé album, I've always been here for the cause. Not quite a 'Stan', I know good work when I see it. Who am I? Just a blogger living in Nashville, finely crafting words about fashion and natural hair. Believe me, I posted about you, your hubby, and your darling girl plenty of times. This letter happens to be about your precious angel, Blue Ivy. 

As I was perusing the twitter streets I came across a petition asking you (pop star, diva, philanthropist, super-wife, and mom) to 'Comb Blue Ivy's Hair'. Now, I'm sure you are super busy prepping to give your fans - life abundantly - on this On The Run Tour (I have tix!) so this little petition probably hasn't hit your desk yet. Basically, a bunch of people who don't really know you, want you to comb your daughter's hair. 

Now, being that I'm a natural-hair blogger, I'm sure people think I'd have something to say, and I do. Here it is: people are crazy. 

Blue Ivy looks well taken care of. She looks happy, she looks well fed, she looks clean, and frankly she has a bigger bank account than some of those petition signers can imagine. The fact that so many grown adult people are concerned about a child's hair is totally ridiculous!
I guess the person who carried her for nine months and who has taken care of her for the last two years isn't the authority on how she'd want her daughter to look. I guess the father who maintains his daughter's well being and trusts the woman he married doesn't have say either. I guess it's up to the public to decide what two independent people do with their child's hair. Does unkempt hair equate abuse? Naw, I don't think so. 

Furthermore, Blue Ivy isn't famous, she's famous by default. She hasn't sung on any stages nor has she written any books. If you weren't her mother, I wouldn't know who this little girl was. I think you are doing your best by allowing her to be the little girl that she is. I mean really, I love to see a little braided up girl just as much as the next person, but I still smile at the mom who let's her baby's hair run free - stretching as far as the sky. I know how it feels to sit through a corn row session, it ain't fun! 

So, Bey, I guess they are gonna keep on talking until you decided to do whatever you plan to do to your daughter's hair. Because really, a petition won't change a thing. As long as reports don't surface about Blue being treated badly, there's really nothing we need to say or do.

All I can say is "Thanks." Thanks for sharing your little girl with the world - I'm so sorry the world tries to force its ideas and opinions on her.

Say hi to the family for me!


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