May 22, 2014

Self-Care: Good Hair Habits

In my experience, it is infinitely better to focus energy into building new habits than trying to break old ones. When given some thought, it makes sense to put time into creating what you want to see in life as opposed to giving attention to something you want to remove from your life.  One of the major takeaways for me during our panel discussion at the Natural in Nashville Spring Meet-Up was the sharing around the connection between our hairstyle and our lifestyle.

This is something I know intimately from my own work, but I really was a little bit shocked to realize was I still twist my hair unnecessarily.  And it has nothing to do with maintenance.  It is a habit that I tend to fall into when I am focused and driven to complete a task.  I first noticed the habit during my Master's program and "get it done" was my life.  As I started checking off  graduation requirements, I naturally twisted them less and less as a response to stress.

This time when I thought of breaking the habit, my mind went back to Amber's chair.  When I first saw Amber, she taught me massage my scalp in way that will naturally release oils encourage healthy hair growth at the root.  Now when I notice myself twisting, I simply shift my energy and create a healthier alternative.

I'm sure we all have "that thing we do" when we are tired, frustrated or stressed.  Is there a good hair habit you can form to replace one you could do without? Let us know!

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