May 16, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: Ledisi - "I Blame You"

The recent images of Ledisi are absolutely breathtaking.  Going strong with her latest project, The Truth, she is spreading her beauty everywhere while on tour and recently with a feature in Essence.  She is doing some amazing things with her locs right now.

In an interview from few years ago Ledisi and her stylist, Michele London talked about style and inspiration for her signature updos.  In the time since we've seen her explore with color while length allows for more elegant free flowing styles as well.

Her single "I Blame You" is a wonderful example of Ledisi's personal style.  I love the way she allows her to gracefully transition from tightly pinned curls to flowing loose curls while keeping a signature updo in the mix.

Seeing her do so well with this album made me realize I have not explored her music the way I would like to.  "I Blame You" is a favorite right now, but I definitely want to go back.  Tell me, what is your favorite Ledisi song?


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