May 2, 2014

NATURAL IN NASHVILLE: Farmer's Market Trio

About two weeks ago I was being a total Stalker McGee as I ate my lunch at the Farmer's Market. I saw these gorgeous ladies eating lunch and I had to snap their picture. This photo represents more than 20 years natural hair! As I approached them, they surprised me by saying they were complimenting MY HAIR! Naturals out here loving each other - I dig it!  

Take a look below each lady share a bit about their journey:

This is Ms. Verdell. She's been natural all her life switching between straight and curly styles.

This is Ms. DJ Hearin - she's been natural for EIGHT years and prefers to rock a short style
This is Brooke G, Ms. Verdell is her mom. She transition for one year and she's been natural for one year.

Shout-out to our readers! Don't be alarmed if we run up on you to take a photo of your gorgeous hair. We have to represent the Natural Hair movement in Nashville.
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