May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day: 10 pictures of natural-hair mom & daughters

Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy readers! Today (and every day), I hope your family treats you like the Queen you are. Seriously, being a mom can sometimes be a thank-less job, but YOU do it with style and finesse. 

Today I share some awesome photos of mom & daughters with natural hair. It's already a challenge to take care of our own hair, but add a mini-me in the mix and the challenge gets even more difficult. I hope these pics encourage you to continue you and your daughters natural hair journey. 

One of my faves, we've shared this on the site previously. So cute! 

This is blogger/author, Alex Elle and her daughter Char. 

Super-adorable! I can't even take it!!

Another fave photo that we've posted on the site. 

Twin twist-outs! Too cute!!

Just gorgeous! 

I bet their hair styling sessions turned into some wonderful stories. 

Two natural hair cuties!  Oh my!

Had to throw an mommy - son combo in the mix. 

We love baby-naturalista Riley, and her mom/photographer Christin. 

Once again, have a wonderful Mother's Day! 
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