May 20, 2014

HAIR LUST: The Bun Life

The heat is HERE! Spring is finally here and the hot weather is finally breaking through. Whew, was winter a BEAST or WHAT!?? As soon as summer comes, my thoughts of getting my hair off my shoulders (or my ears, because y'all know my hair ain't that long - lol). Of course, I went to Pintrest and was given LIFE! from all these beautiful bunned hair styles.

A sloppy bun, the perfect bun, a low bun, or a high bun - buns are the easiest way to change your look quickly. And even if your hair isn't so long, adding some extra hair to your bun will help you achieve your perfect bunned look. Oh yeah, it's like the best and fastest protective style to achieve.

So, what's your favorite way to wear your hair during these hot summer months?

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