May 12, 2014

Ashiya's Hair Diary: The Observation Period

I've learned there are times when it is best not to carry any expectations.  My Loc Chop is one of them. Of course I feel my hair will grow back healthy and full, but that is the only thing I truly hope for. When I started my locs, I had a perfect vision of what they should look like when they were this length before.  My need to control the way my hair grew in weakened my locs, so I'm excited to see what they will do as they free form with less guidance.

Apparently, I woke up like Mommy.  Happy Mother's Day again!

The first few weeks have been interesting and revealing.  Like anything in life, I really didn't realize the weight of my hair until I released it.  As always I had major plans for styling my hair, but I've found myself observing longer than I thought I would.  The first thing I noticed is coconut oil alone is not sufficient anymore.  I just don't get the same results. I haven't decided on what to use, but I know I want a blend of pure oils for daily use.

One of our inspiration images for my Loc Chop

I am ready to style my hair, though.  More than anything for the same reason: to observe my hair.  I think my first styling option will be a braid out.  I'm looking forward to braiding all of my hair in the same time it took to braid half of my hair before the cut.

Curls are definitely going to be a staple for the summer, too.
I initially thought I should have been this attentive in every aspect the first time, but then I asked how many times do we actually get to go back and do something right?  Not many.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to apply lessons I learned the first time around.
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