Apr 28, 2014

#NINMeetup Spring 2014: Pictures and Review!

Melissa, Candice, Ashiya, and Amber!

 Last month, we had our first meet-up and it was glorious! So glorius that our popularity increased, t-shirt sales were through the roof, and I was busier than ever. All excuses for me not posting these photos. LOL! But I know y'all love me and you don't mind. So let's take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some pics from the event.

And I know the big question, "When's the NEXT #NINMeetup?" 
August! And it's going to be AMAZING!!! I can't wait to start letting you know!

Enjoy the photos!

Our AMAZING volunteers! Thanks for helping us!
One of the hair models and Amber - Amber did her hair and it was AMAZING!
The Aveda student-sylists show us how to get the best out of our hair.
Our speakers for the day - Ms Gale of Aveda, Kenya aka @HalfieTruths, and Kristi Alderson of Kinky Rootz Salon
During our ice-breaker game, the participants were asked to find someone with hair like theirs. We see the loc'd ladies found each other.
The sign-in table and raffle ticket area
Make sure to view more photos on the Facebook page. Tag yourself if you see yourself.
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