Apr 2, 2014

NIN Meet Up Spring 2014: Ashiya's Favorite Things

Its Wednesday and I'm still feeling the energy and love from the first Natural in Nashville Meet Up.  When we started planning the event, there was really no way to gauge our ideas and goals for the day other than what we hoped to gain from the experience ourselves.  We knew we wanted our readers to be educated and informed, but we also wanted to enjoy our time with you.  I think we achieved both.

Our obligatory group shot. Photo bomb by John.  He was always there when you needed him.  Perfection.
One of the things I loved most about the NIN Meet Up was the opportunity to see Amber do her thing.  Aside from the Meet Up, Amber was preparing for a competition at Avevda as she moves toward completing her training this May.  Candice and I were able to take a quick break from setting up to watch Amber in action.  If you were there and met her model, you know Amber displayed her skills in a way that shows both her potential and her vision as a hair stylist.  We are so  proud!

Amber shares a few styling techniques on models from the NIN Community.
I also loved the knowledge that our panelists were able to bring to the discussion.  We are so thankful for the beautiful ladies that shared their questions and concerns because it allowed us to see first hand the talent and wisdom available to the Natural in Nashville community.  Kristi of Kinky Rootz and Ms. Gale of Aveda Institute were absolutely wonderful.  I loved the fact that they did not answer one question until there was a clear understanding of what was being asked.  At times, they even heard what was not being said.  Their experience was perfectly balanced by Kenya (@halfietruths) and her hair reminding us that hair care is as much about our lifestyle as it is about products and procedures.  As a life coach, wholistic self-care is one of the things I work through the most with my clients.  It was wonderful to see that aspect come through during the panel discussion.

Loc Love!  Over 30 years of combined growth!
More than anything, my favorite part of the day is definitely the warm smiles, hugs and hellos.  It is one thing to sit at my computer and publish words to connect with you.  It is quite another to spend the day enjoying each other's company.  As soon as we can catch our breath, we are ready to do it all over again, Nashville.

Thank you to all who attended!  You made our first Natural in Nashville Meet Up one to remember.
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