Apr 24, 2014

NATURAL KIDS: Thalia's Easter hair

Getting your hair done is a special event for most little black girls. Getting your hair done for Easter Sunday is an occasion! As most know, I love doing my little goddaughter Thalia's hair - I've documented her styles here previously. Today I'll tell you how we achieved Thalia's Easter Sunday curly puffs. 

Usually we keep her hair in two-strand twists but lately, Thalia's asked for what she likes to call "Mickey Mouse hair" lol! At three years old she's currently OBESSESSED with all things Minnie or Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse hair, for her, resembles the cartoon mouse's iconic ears. I decided for Easter, we'd do two curly puffs that would give her her Mickey Mouse ears. 

  • Olive oil and water: to re-hydrate her hair. We didn't need to wash because she'd already done a wash & condition last week. 
  • Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Creme: our go-to moisturizer and styling aid for her 3b/4a curls. MJ's gives her shine and it smells really good. 
  • Two Goody Elastics: to secure the two ponytails on either side of her head. 
  • Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion: to set and style her curls without leaving them crunchy or leaving flakes in her hair. 
  • 12 Goody's plastic Rollers: to set and curl the hair. 
  • Olive Oil Edge Control: to smooth her edges. 
Since Thalia's hair is so much longer and thicker, we've started using more adult products on her hair. I try to stick with more natural-based products because I know her scalp is still young. I always start with olive oil and water for hydration. AND she's getting ALOT better about sitting to get her hair done. Much less crying these days.

Here's oue result. Her curls were nice and fluffy like I wanted. As the day went on, the style puffed up even more. She was so cute!

How'd your natural baby wear their hair on Easter? What's your fave product to use in your child? Hit us up in the comments section. 

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