Apr 16, 2014

DISCUSSION: Have you tried hair growth supplements?

HOLA!  Back in 2012 I wrote a post about adding Biotin to my diet to add in growing my hair. I've continued to use biotin but can't say it's helped or hindered my hair growth process. I mean, I did shave my head a couple months ago - lol. Anyway, as I cruised the instagram streets, I've seen many Hollywood Celebs and hair bloggers report on the amazing results of using hair growth supplements. It made me think, maybe I should try some of these so-called miracle pills.

For people who want to grow longer, stronger, healthier hair, most experts suggests a cocktail of WATER, Biotin, Vitamin B complex, and some Omega-3 fatty acids (source). Each of these supplements exist in our hair naturally, but through hormone imbalance, stress, and genetics, we tend to lack the crucial vitamins that sustain healthy hair growth. 

Of course, this varies from person to person, but most women can testify that their hair was longer and thicker as a child, than it is now. Why, your body was rich with hormones and natural supplements. I guess this is why we are looking for the holy grail of hair growth.

The two front runners in the natural hair vitamin supplement game are Hairfinity and Manetabolism (seen above). Below is a breakdown of what each promises:

Results from using Hairfinity via @she_becute_naturally
HAIRFINITY ($24.00 a bottle): Hairfinity is titled as a "Dietary Supplement" and said to have a proven formula that nourishes hair from the inside out. The company boasts that it's vitamin B complex, Biotin, MSM, and a couple other supplements that (used separately) are well known at helping hair to grow stronger while resisting breakage. Hairfinity has the most celebrity endorsements (Monica, Kim Kardashian, and Keyshia Knight-Pulliam) and the most multi-cultural users. Hairfinity sells supplemental haircare products as well.

Results from Manetabolism user @PorshaBelle
MANETABOLISM (@24.99 a bottle): Created by a husband & wife medical team, Manetabolism is the brainchild of natural hair celeb Courtney Adeleye (@CourtneyNaturalHair). Courtney is a nurse and her husband a physician, the two researched using Courtney's own hair. The product boasts the same ingredients as Hairfinity, but with more background studies and info to make buyers feel comfortable. Really the website is comprehensive! AND Manetabolism sells haircare products, oils, and supplies.

So, I've decided to try one of the supplements listed above. Although I've shaved my sides, I'm looking to have some extreme growth on top. Next month I'll reveal which supplement I've tried and my results so far. I'm going to commit to a 3 month trial, just for you, my favorite readers! 

Have you tried hair growth supplements? What's your verdict? Let me know in the comments section.

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