Mar 7, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: Kelis - Jerk Ribs

Kelis is back on the scene with a new album called food and a new cooking show called Saucy & Sweet.
I have always been a Kelis fan as she was rockin funky colored curls before it was cool. Her first single from this new album titled "Jerk Ribs" further solidifies just how cool, eclectic, and soulful Miss Kelis is.

I dig the new retro look on her curls. Her hair is big and beautiful and I love it! If for no other reason,  I will be keeping up with the cooking show to get inspired by her style, but I must admit her food and recipes look mighty tasty.

Kelis is the child of mother who owned a catering business and a father who was a musician. I have to say this makes the perfect combination platter for her new project! Kelis has me looking forward to the summer months, with good food, good company, good music and fabulous hair.

You can find the Jerk Ribs video below. Enjoy!

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