Feb 28, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Jill Scott - "Whatever"

As I look back over Roots & Rhythm for the month, I realize we celebrated Black History Month by acknowledging the most powerful force among us: love.

From the love between man and woman to the bond of sisters, we unintentionally celebrated the love and beauty that has created the legacy and the genius that we honor at this time.  A perfect end seems to be one of my favorites from Jill Scott: "Whatever".

Jill Scott and her son, Jett, on the cover of Ebony. (May 2013)

While the song is a lovely smooth groove, the video is on another level.  It shows the reward of dedication to building a relationship by projecting images of the family that grew from the love of two people.

Jill is especially elegant in this video opting to let her hair go free in her "golden" years.  Her afro has hints of silver as the video begins in 2040 and rolls back to 2014 and ultimately 2004 when the relationship began.  As we see younger Jill, we see regal buns both simple and finished with intricate braiding.  

In between we see children and grandchildren come into the picture with afros, sweet baby afro puffs, and locs.  I love that the natural beauty that Jill posses in the video - and life - is reflected in those chosen as her children in the video.

Jill Scott and her son, Jett, in Ebony. (May 2013)

More than anything, this video is a beautiful reminder of one of the greatest rewards of this life: to create a legacy of love that will carry on for generations.  

May it inspire us all to create our own history, both personally and professionally, to be celebrated in the years to come.


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