Feb 14, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: India Arie - "Brown Skin"

When love is real and right in our lives, it will bring us balance and inspire us to be at our best.  In my experience, I've found that the way we love another is really a reflection of the way we love ourselves. Qualities we find inspiring in another are usually clues to our greatness.  Likewise, the things that we find challenging are often keys to unlock that greatness.

A lovely image of India Arie. Hair lust!
In "Brown Skin", India Arie beautifully describes the way love is reflected in romantic relationships.  For her, the essence of who they are is reflected in the beauty and similarities of their skin.  And while our skin is an obvious reflection of who we are, in sharing her desires to know him, India reminds us that real love will always take you deeper.

This video feels like Saturday afternoon at the park during the first week of Spring.  It is new and fresh, which is exactly they way love should feel.  India was in her locs during this video and I forgot how much I love a well placed headpiece!  As one half of a loc'd couple, I especially love that her love interest reflected her down to her roots.  The exchange between them on the bench is what love should always look like: pure, happy and free.

While we most often see this love in romantic relationships, the true essence of love that makes us want to be better individuals is at the heart of every relationship.  Here's to the ones who reflect our best and can love us in a way that makes us love ourselves even more.

Sending love to you all today and everyday!  Happy Valentine's Day!

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