Feb 26, 2014

Discussion: Memories of greasing my scalp

Black History month is coming to a close. But most black people celebrate our heritage and history everyday. However, I thought it'd be cool to give you a flashback to a part of our history that most ladies can remember - getting your scalp greased.

When I saw the photos, below, of all the different hair grease, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. I loved the smell of Ultra Sheen, anything with coconut, and that Royal Crown. But I knew when my mom took out the Royal Crown, the hot comb was coming out too - OH NO!

No matter how painful the hair-styling process, I loved when my mom would grease my scalp. After tussling with washing, then blow-drying, greasing my scalp was the calm before the storm. The storm being the tugging and pulling of getting my hair cornrowed. Whew LAWD, my mom had some heavy hands!

Greasing the scalp and getting my hair done was also a time to listen to my mom. Sometimes she'd be on the phone with friends - so I got to hear the grown-up gossip. Sometimes we'd watch a movie and we'd discuss the various characters. Sometimes she'd give me a stack of magazines to read (Essence, Ebony, Jet, and National Geographic). Most times we'd listen to her favorite albums: Stevie Wonder, Bill Cosby comedy, or Earth Wind & Fire. No matter what, we'd share a wonderful closeness and communication - it was great time for her and I to bond.

What's your fave memories of getting your scalp greased? Do you remember you favorite grease? Do you still grease you scalp today?

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