Feb 10, 2014

ASHIYA'S HAIR DIARY: #HairStrike2014

I decided last year to allow my hair to free form for the health of my locs, but please allow me to shift my intention a bit...

#HairStrike2014.  I'm here for it.  My decision not to loc my hair originally is in the Spirit of the original intent of the strike.  I am rebelling against my own need for perfectly manicured locs at the expense of their health.

But now I'm here for Pam Oliver.

Why?  I see the hair.  I get it.  The weekly roast, I don't understand.  On one hand, I feel it.  It's Pam Oliver and she could have her pick of any hair stylist in any city she broadcasts from during football season.  But on the other hand, its Pam Oliver.  She's earned our respect in many ways other than being our sister.  Is it right to express our harshest opinions publicly EVERY week?

Of course, I am bothered by this discussion for personal reasons and I fully recognize it.  My niece is learning to maintain her own hair.  She had a bit of resistance at first and I'm sure it was because of the work we all know it takes to learn and care for natural hair.  She's grown from the constant bun to some very cute protective styles, which tells me she's getting the hang of this natural hair life already.

So do me a favor, give Pam Oliver a break this coming season.  If not for her, for my niece and all those just starting out on their natural journey.  Our collective power can be a source of understanding or ridicule.  It is up to us, but we must be consistent.

I debated about sharing publicly because it is not my intention to judge, but what better place than Natural in Nashville to start a positive ripple effect?

I always look for the balance in social situations that frustrate me and this week, I found it.  Tell me: are you coming to our first meet up?  I can't wait to meet you all!
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