Feb 24, 2014

Amber's Hair Diary: Growing Up Natural

There are more women than we may think that have grown up and spent most of their lives with natural hair. For me when I look back at my childhood I like to think about how my family and parents really encouraged my sister and I to embrace and love who we were no matter what society might have been saying.  

Today when I came across the BGLH post about 10 Naturals We Loved in the 90's  I started thinking about what pop culture elements or people were there in my life that really helped me to grow into the person you see today.  I realized that books played a big part in our household and honestly most of the books I had growing up were stories of little black girls, girls who looked like me. 

These are my Top 5 Books for Kids Growing Up with Natural Hair:


These were the best books ever. My sister and I both still have the copies we read growing up along with new ones that we have purchased as we got older.  Fred Crump took old fairytales and used an all Black cast.  The characters always had thick curyly hair, or braids, or cornrows. Reading his book I always felt like a queen or a princess and I never had to wonder why none of the characters lookede like me.  

2. Liza Lou and The Yeller Belly Swamp by Mercer Mayer

This book is by the same author who did the Berenstein Bears Series.  Liza Lou is sassy and stays in plenty of trouble with her tightly coiffed fro.

Tar Beach taught me I could fly. 

 This book let me know that we can't write our future without knowing our past. 

This book opened my young eyes to worlds beyond America that shared a common history. 

What books did you read growing up or would you reccommend for young minds that are growing up natural?

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