Jan 31, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Beyonce - "Grown Woman"

Melissa's lust for Beyonce's current protective style completely changed the rhythm for today!  Today is my best friend's birthday and because we speak in music, I chose a birthday song for her.  While Janelle Monae finally won with "Electric Lady", "Grown Woman" by Beyonce was in rotation this morning.  It seemed right to share it here today.

This is a busy video. We get natural and straight hair plus lots of African-inspired patterns, textures and sounds.  While I find the hair, fashion and imagery interesting my absolute favorite part of this video is Ms. Tina.  She is so regal!  I want to slow clap every time I see her.  She's here to remind us that Beyonce is really just "Tina Light".

Tina Knowles on her 60th birthday via Iam.Beyonce.com

When I first heard this song, I thought this was her way of saying she released the album she wanted to make.  But the more I listen, I hear it differently.  Instead of projecting the energy of the song outward, when it is directed inward, I realize a statement of personal power. Regardless of how we choose to express that power or what we create, we all have genius quality within us.

"It took a while, now I understand just where I'm going.  I know the world and I know who I AM, 'bout time I show it."   -Beyonce, "Grown Woman"

Beyonce made noise with this album as usual, but the sounds were different.  She brought some interesting conversations to the main stage. We'll get into them here and at ASwanLife during February.  Stay tuned.  We want to hear your thoughts, too!

Although the video has not been officially released outside of the album, you may be able to watch "Grown Woman" here courtesy of Pepsi.  Below is a live performance at Chime for Change 2013.


Happy Friday!

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