Jan 6, 2014

MELISSA'S HAIR: Sometimes you feel blue

Hmmm . . .  thinking of a master plan

Now, you know I love my new haircut. However, my favorite way to wear my hair, since my new cut, is straightened. But we all know, heat and natural hair is not a good combination. Well, not all the time. So, I had to figure out a nice protective style to give my hair a rest.

Love wearing my hair straight and slightly textured
Truthfully, I've caught a couple of straight pieces since wearing my hair in my new favorite style. Striaght pieces equal heat damage and "ain't no body got time for that!". So I decided, I needed to get a protective style to continue my healthy hair goals. Just because I shaved my sides doesn't mean I'm ready to shave my entire head - just because I got heat damage.

So, I installed a set of marley braids/twists on my hair. And for a bit of flair, I added a blue streak. Seriously y'all, I've been wanting to rock some blue hair for a long time. However, my super curly, super sensitive hair doesn't do well with advanced color. Added a colored extention to my hair gave me the falir I was looking for. Of course, some people don't like it, and some even called me GHETTO (that's another post entirely) but I like it and that's all that matters.

I'm going to rock these out for about three week. I think I'll install again, but use the full length of hair, I want a more dramatic look. Secretly, my goal is to have long hair and shaved sides like Casssie. To achieve it, I have to keep protecting my hair and stay AWAY from the heating elements. You know I'll keep you posted!

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