Dec 13, 2013


"Its so much that gets between the artists and the fans.  I felt like I didn't want anybody to give the message of when my album is coming out.  I just want this to come out when its ready and from me to my fans." -Beyonce
And with a quick "Surprise!" on social media, much of the world up last night taking in her new visual album, BEYONCE.  After the 100th stop of her tour she simply said, here it is.

While reminiscing about the release of "Thriller", she related us to a time when "music was an event".  In a move that will definitely shift her professional career, Beyonce recorded and released 14 songs and 17 videos available exclusively on iTunes.

With videos filmed in New York, Paris, Sydney, and Rio de Janero it looks like Beyonce was doing double duty during "The Mrs. Carter World Tour".  It makes you reconsider the popular social media share, "you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce."  It is hard to deny her work ethic.  With one of the tracks and videos titled "Blue" featuring Blue Ivy, its obvious this project is very personal.

"Yonce" from BEYONCE via
Beyhive or not, do you plan to give this project some time on your playlist? With such a unique concept and release, perhaps BEYONCE will inspire artists to reconnect with their fans despite industry standards.

For more, check out this Post by Beyoncé.
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